At the end of the day its the cost and having the expertise in getting the mine back into production that is what counts here, the fact is no one in Kyryg republic have either ,unless there  are CORRUPT PARTIES   trying to get it back so as to flog it to outside interests e.g Chinese (i DONT THINK THIS WILL HAPPEN), but I ask the question why didn't the Chinese  or any one else buy the license when it was up for auction ?Why go down this route now? If they want their country to turn into a Chinese satellite state where all their natural resources are stolen for a few roads and under the table kick backs then that does not bode well for the average Joe soap on the street, agin I dont think this will happen, I do  hope and beleive  that there are upstanding people in the government who will see the bigger picture and ignore the lure of their much bigger and frankly sneaky  neighbor .GLTAL