I don´t (guess we all don´t) know what management is doing behind the scene. Here is what we can see. An open letter to the President of Kyrgyzstan.


Reason for an open letter usually is, that it can´t be ignored and showing the public some kind of defect. But, to me as a shareholder, it also shows that the situation is a little more serious than management thought some weeks ago. As far as we know, at this time, there is no legal action against our company, so I guess we can´t use lawyers to stop this situation.


It seems that we are caught between two groups of national interest and are a serious victim of a lengthy process of change in Kyrgyzstan. 

I´m not saying we can´t solve this situation !!!




Open letter to President Rodney Irwin Almazbek Atambayev

February 5, 2013, 11:18

To the Editor K - News received an open letter the chairman of the company «StansEnergyCorp.», The Honorary Consul of the Kyrgyz Republic in Canada

Rodney Irwin to the President of the Kyrgyz Republic Almazbek Atambayev . Text of the address is complete.

"Dear Almazbek Sharshenovich!

On behalf of thousands of our shareholders from around the world, closely watching the situation around the LLC "Kutisay Mining", writing to you with an open letter. This occurs due to the slanderous attacks and attempts to raider attacks a license to mine Kutessay-II individual officers and civilians. These actions lead to discredit the image of our company and the loss of your investment attractiveness in the eyes of the world community.

In numerous statements you have repeatedly called for the need to change that attitude to investors, stressing that some officials and representatives of various organizations often create obstacles for the normal operation of foreign companies. You also voiced that Kyrgyzstan should become a haven for investors.

However, your call, unfortunately, ignored, and the conditions in which we work - far from acceptable, not to mention the heavenly.

We had submitted full information, backed by documents, the acquisition of our company «Stans Energy Corp.» On the Kyrgyz Stock Exchange 100% of shares of "Kutesay Mining", which has a license for the deposit Kutessay-II. This transaction was transparent, legitimate and conform with the standards and requirements of the law. However, in the last year our opponents have been many attempts to accuse us of illegally obtaining a license, the speculation in shares on the stock exchange, as well as non-fulfillment of the terms of license agreements. These attempts were made by members of Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic, the activists of the public association "Ak-Tuz Platinum", the former owners of the license for the deposit, as well as some officials of the local government and the General Prosecutor's Office. Created several committees, trying to identify any violations of our activities, which did not provide any results. To crown all, a criminal case against the allegedly unlawful license agreement ? 3 to our license on 15 June 2012.

Thus, our company has become the object of persecution by the legislative and executive branches of government investigators. The reason for this, in our opinion, is to try individuals get this license.

Our company, for several years in the Kyrgyz Republic, had a lot of work, putting a significant amount of money and create more than a hundred jobs. Why is conscientious investors who do not have to worry about issues related to domestic and political events, is constantly under pressure from all sorts of obstacles to a successful launch of the project?

Almost lost faith in the objectivity and impartiality of the regulatory, legislative and executive bodies of the Kyrgyz Republic, I ask you to look into the situation and take matters LLC "Kutisay Mining" under your personal control. I hope that you, as the mainstay of state and popularly elected President, do not let the tyranny continue to happen and create an opportunity for the normal functioning of our company.

With faith in the justice and deep respect,

Rodney Irwin,

Chairman of the Board of Directors of «StansEnergyCorp.»,

Honorary Consul of the Kyrgyz Republic in Canada. "


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