To the editor of K-News received a message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company «StansEnergyCorp.», Honorary Consul of the Kyrgyz Republic in Canada

Rodney Irwin to the President of the Kyrgyz Republic Almazbeku Atambaevu. The text is reproduced in full.

"Dear Almazbek Atambayev!

On behalf of the thousands of our shareholders from around the world, is closely monitoring the situation around «Kutisaj mining Llc, I am writing an open letter. This need arose from defamatory attacks and attempts to Raider attacks license to mine Kutessaj-II individual officials and civilians. These actions lead to discrediting the image of our company and the loss of investment attractiveness of the country in the eyes of the world community.

In his many speeches you have repeatedly called for the need to change attitudes toward investors, stressing that individual officials and representatives from various organizations were often obstacles for normal operation of foreign companies. You also voices that Kyrgyzstan has become a paradise for investors.

But alas, your call is ignored, and the conditions under which we have to work is far from acceptable, not to mention paradise.

We have provided complete information, backed up by documented, on the acquisition of our company "Stans Energy Corp. on the Kyrgyz Stock Exchange 100% shares of OJSC Kutesaj mining, licensed to mine Kutessaj-II. This deal was transparent, legitimate, and meets the standards and requirements of existing legislation. However, during the last year our opponents there have been many attempts to accuse us of illegally obtaining a license, speculation in shares on the stock exchange, as well as breach of conditions of license agreements. These attempts have been made by deputies of the Zhogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic, activists of the public association "Ak-Tuz Platinum", the former owners of a license for the mine, as well as some officials of the local authorities and the Office of the Attorney General. Several commissions were established, attempting to identify any violations of our activity, that have not submitted a single result. In conclusion, a criminal case was opened against alleged illegal entering into the license agreement No. 3 to our licence from June 15, 2012 year.

Thus, our company has been the target of harassment by members of the legislative and executive branches of Government investigative agencies. The reason for this, in our view, is the attempt by individuals to obtain this license.

Our company, within a few years of work in the Kyrgyz Republic, held a large amount of work, investing a significant amount of money and creating more than 100 jobs. Why does a conscientious investor, which should not concern issues related to domestic and domestic political developments, incessantly is under pressure from all kinds of obstacles to the successful launch of the project?

Almost losing faith in the objectivity and impartiality of the oversight, legislative and executive bodies of the Kyrgyz Republic, I ask you to look into the situation and take the case of ' Kutisaj mining under your personal control. I hope that you, as a bulwark of the State and the people elect the President, do not let continue going on arbitrariness and create opportunity for the normal functioning of our company.

With faith in justice and deep respect,

Rodney Irwin,

Chairman of the Board of Directors of "StansEnergyCorp."

Honorary Consulate of the Kyrgyz Republic in Canada.