When Stans announced having produced disprosyum and other metals, i was hyperpositve on this Stock. Those were the News we neede. But we didnt get any Support from the gvmt to help us in order to develop our Company , making money for us and Generationen also more Jobs and tax revenue for them. Since they started this infame bashing Game, our Stok is Down to <0.4USD. I dont say they are even trying to Nash to get cheap shares (as somehow they can bash Down our Stocks as they doing with Canterra as well, maybe also with others we dont even know...).

hyperpositive, i was and was really expecting a rebound  of our SP to ~3.0 this early Q1. Now they managed to influence the Sentiment for this Stock Down to the basement, this die to creation of uncertainty Feelings and a Bad biz Environment for us so far. This will change of course in one  or annother direction. So far not even the best News from Stans side could change this. Bashing Down , Good News, then bashing Down again. We need to get those things solved first. Presenting the best BFS now would even make things worse as the cockroches would smell more blood, increasing their greed and evil activities. So we must sit tight and wait patiently. The SP wont move much anymore unless there is some positive news. Ppl which did stick to this point are trapped, the longs are still full of hope and so am I. Not hyperoptimistic at this point, but Full of hope and a little Anger. Averaging Down at this point to me doesnt make Logic sense, but keep the Stock is smart as there will come better days and we all know what the Real Potential here could be.