You say that if you find something good about a company, you will post it. But if you hear something bad, you will LOOK INTO IT (only).  This would make sense if you were working for that company - as you gave us an example. But we're not working for Stans. We don't have to worry about what our wife will say if we lose our job at Stans. We are OWNERS.  Part of the joy (and, let's face it, fun) of owning any stock is the intriguing academic puzzle of the merits of that company.  We are FREE.  We can divest or invest. We can hash it out among our friends.  And we would not want any of our friends to hold back.  That's what we do on this board. And, by the way, you are all very cantankerous friends.

   So now we're talking about pumpers vs. bashers. I'm a pumper in that I think the Kyrgys will realize they want and need us. But I'm also a basher in that they may wish to wheedle and wiggle around old contracts. This may come about with their excuse that old contracts were made under the previous "corrupt" government.  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.  It sounds like they're just wheedling for a better deal.  That's a basher attitude of mine. But think about it.  Would a revoution in our own country make our "new" government want to honor old contracts?  There's a little bit of traction there for their excuse but not too much.

   I'm split down the middle. The Kyrgys may come back to us after scratching their heads and facing reality. They have a lot to figure out.  I'm probably a pumper with caveats up the wazoo..(anal-retentive basher).  

  Hey, are we having fun?  Like Opencurtain says, we're in a waiting game. So while we're waiting, if I wanted to hear only good news about some stock, I would invest in something where there are only pollyannas.   Not this board, you're good.  Cheers!