That is what some of you will be saying when Stans takes off once again,


Very few times do you have an opportunity like this come around.


Stans has so much going for it as of late. The Government is on our side. That does not mean that the opposition is on our side.


We have a better process then before. Thus increasing the viability of the mine and the profitability.


We actually produced 3 metals quite a feat.


All I have to say is I am all in on this one. We are at historical lows and I truly believe we will see a run in the near future.


Currently the market is flying. When a company like BlackBerry can have an increase of almost 15 % why invest in small caps.


This type of market will slow down as it always does and the money will flow back into the Venture.


At todays close of 37 cents you can make a double by just breaking the 200 day moving average.


Last words of wisdom. Why is it Casino's always make a profit??? Because they have no emotions. The average player comes in and when they are up they want more. Then it starts to go down. Once they start to lose money and end up Negative they have to stop the bleeding so they fold out at a loss.


This happens in the market. The large firms play without emotion and have a plan. I know of one large firm downtown that has in excess of 10,000,000 shares and does not blink an eye at the share price. Reason is they know it's a long term investment. They believe in the management and the story and no matter what the price is they are sticking with the play. NO Emotion. Sure they would like to see it at 1-2 dollars but their end goal in not 1-2 dollars. If this mine gets up and running that is when you could see this stock at 5-10 even more. Who will be laughing then? Not the little guys crying over spilt milk. It will be the house.