Picture this. The Deal was made 2009. then they asked for nationalization, wanted increase their stake by +5-10%. Then asking for environmental damage compensation 150 Million. THATS Money Folks. Then not enough made a New tax Law just snipping with their fingertips. They want run this company with Khyrg CEOs, people which have no clue running auch company, not can run their own gvmt. If this Company representing  12% of the annual tax revenue, they must Talk with such Company in secrecy, not in Public. Canterra is a Company on the stockmarket, so this cant Happen in Public. Result maybe a damage of 1 Billion, as the Stock is Down since by 50%!!!!!!!! 

So, IMO, this is a joke, they want pull out money, using all kind of excuses. Men, its a shareholder Company, they investing money, its not owned by private people. So, such Company cant just say "yes" we Pay you what you want, hahaha. Now, (maybe) trying the same with Stans. Its Ina simple Word: just EVIL ATTEMPT, RUTHLESS AND STUPID.