My Portfolio is bigger than your portfolio..... LOL


It's not the size of the portfolio it's how good you work it.


Erryl no one here minds a question here or a question there. But when all you do is post negative items or question the company it rings like a basher.


I don't say many negative things because I don't see a point to it. I do all my own research and look to the board to see if I have not seen anything whether it be good or bad. 


If I come across something good I post it. If I come across something bad I look into it. I may talk to a couple of posters off line or a few investment advisors I have in my network but I would never think to post something on here negative. 


Tell me this... If you worked for a company and thought something fishy was going on would you post something online? Or would you go to the source and try and find out? Maybe the source can tell you the truth maybe they don't. Point is I really do not think you would be posting negative about your company so you should not do it here.


Maybe I am a pumper but anything I own or if I ever do work for a company I do nothing but promote.


You sir are one of those Negative people that hate their job and instead of quitting you complain day in and day out about how much you hate it here and no one appreciates you.


Whether it be stocks or jobs. If you are unhappy move on. Life is too short to live it in a Negative world.