Picture this scenario, the US or Canada raises taxes, and the biggest mining company says sorry, we're not paying you higher taxes, we had an agreement for taxes 15 yrs ago and we're sticking with it. How do you think that would fly in either of these countries? Centerra had a sweet tax deal for quite some time now, paying 14% while all the mining companies are paying 17% to 20% and they think Centerra should too. Taxes go up all the time everywhere in the world, and for everybody. I find it a bit strange their making such a big deal out of it... they should deal with it and move on. 

The article below pretty much says what's going on...



T. Sariev, Economy Minister: "During the talks with the" Kumtor "we did not raise the issue of nationalization or privatization of shares"

January 29, 2013
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The report of the State Commission on the "Kumtor" is not a word about nationalization or privatization of shares. This was on January 28 in a press conference by the Minister of Economy Sariev.

According to him, the tax regime is important for business. A tax rate in Kyrgyzstan is low, in contrast to other countries.

"We talk about that all investors pay taxes according to the tax code. We must create for all companies a level playing field, or break the rules. We do not need anything extra from" Kumtor ", the work of the State Commission, we met with leadership "Kumtor", not traded, negotiated on them to work within the law. question of nationalization or privatization of the shares did not rise, "- he said.