On the possibly favorable side, we hear that Kyrgystan authorities are trying to make uniform the standards for all mining companies with no special consideration of specific companies. If this is so, we may be involved in a lengthy process of their government setting up such a standard. It could mean they're serious about encouraging investment, but we'll have to let them spend the time to work it out. On balance, I would call it a positive sign if they are trying to make the rule of law mean something.  That's better than a company like Hongbo (Chinese) paying off some department head to stir up trouble and then wriggle its way in.  Anything can happen, but the noises we're hearing in the last few posts sound like the Kyrgys are serious about 1) investment and 2) the rule of law (even if their "rule of law" is a baby in the crib.)  They might actually be trying.   GLTA