Erryl, good points.  As a holder of HRE shares, I appreciate the multiple points of view outside of the couple of people that I have on ignore.  Especially those of you pulling from non-english sites.  Most intentions are good.  As with any research, it is up to the individual to decide how much worth to give the information.  If you don't agree with somebody here, then you can personally discount their opinion in a respectful manner.  Many of us have a lot of money in this as it has huge potential, so emotional investment is high as well.  I follow 20+ venture/small cap stocks.  Nobody is releasing news and their SP's have been crushed.  While the company is probably still dealing with some large issues, keep in mind that small cap resource stocks have deliberately been squashed  and are being bled to death.  As they run out of money the big guys will step in and swipe their assets.  Most companies are sitting quiet and trying to preserve what little working capital that they have left.  We still have some cash and partnership potential.  Once the political aspect of the project gets solved, I think that we may enjoy some upward momentum.  If not, then we what we hold will become worthless overnight.  While we are at the mercy of only knowing what the company releases, I believe that we have to be honest with ourselves in admitting that there are some political issues still unresolved.  Having said that, I bought more today to average down.  I believe in the company.