supersceptic, I wish you wouldn't leave.  Nobody on this forum speaks for me.  I think the denyers  should go back and read the COO interview.  His statement is the latest from the company and he is privy to everything.  I think the previous statements by David and Mackey should be viewed in light of Boris's statement as either naive, ignorant (meaning ack of knowledge), or incompetent.  First of all... why were they all headed over there at once?  They were going to a commission to discuss our license extension, which has not been automatically extended.  I don't know if there was a final decision today or not.  I hope so... I would like to see a FINAL decision.  I think we all should.  If you think there is no decision being made, then I think you should read Boris' interview again.  We will never get outside financing if the Kryg gov't keeps jacking us around... and you can forget about the SP.  We need this settled in our favor... or our stock is nearly worthless.  That in my opinion is a fact... and I don't need a "legal" document to know it.