I think I can speak for everyone that reads this board here, which is we would all like to see proof of your claim that a major decision is going to be made tomorrow. The only thing that has been produced to date has been rumor, nothing factual has ever been produced.

The only credible thing that confronts this issue was made by David to a poster on Jan. 22, (see below) stating and everything was in good standing. Do you think he would make this comment if something as serious as you keep bringing up was to happen on Jan. 30?  Again, since your so sure a decision is going to be made tomorrow, show us the document that proves this... 


RE: thx awan from the german board
1/22/2013 8:11:46 AM  |  | 236 reads  | Post #32055784

thanks for posting this article!

it is a great and immediate response from David, who is currently in Kyrgystan, and the whole Stans team down there

I really hope this issue gets finally resolved by the end of the month, that is the only thing which hinders a fadt progress in developing the project IMO

David also wrote me a very quick answer to a mail I wrote him yesterday regarding these issues:

"As we know there is a continuous effort to undermine the company's position in Kyrgyzstan by any means necessary.  Stans has been victorious in every court case to date, has been through numerous audits every time there is a change in government and so forth.   I cannot comment on rumours and innuendo.  Our mining licence and Licence agreements are in good standing.

We are travelling to Kyrgyzstan this week and hope to issue a corporate update upon our return in February.  In the meantime our legal and community outreach teams are constantly working to counter numerous false claims against the company and have a tremendous job to date."

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/bullboards/messagedetail.aspx?p=0&m=32055784&l=0&r=0&s=HRE&t=LIST#qmyLjlBFH5HWjieu.99