There was few figures thrown. $300M is not nearly official - more like PR (look guys - we are going to invest a lot). A lot of mining preps was done by Soviets, plus Kashka plant definetely decreases capital cost and as important time to bring mine to production. 

Stans obtained license legally, at least in form no question. Probably, no corruption was involved (judging by credibility of Stans management). We have no idea how exactly it happened and who and how benefited (if any).  Corruption exist in many forms and cash is only one of them. No company in the world will disclose any shady transactions during media interview.

The real question is not how Stans got license (it bought shares of Kutessay), but how Kutessay got it - apparently, there were no bidding process and that what is exploited now to rob Stans.  Second point, license is conditional and there is claim that these conditions are not satisfied, so it should be revoked. Stans response - we did not have chance to do so due to bureacratic problems. In countries where law is respected, it should be enough. Now, we are in situation where few really wants to get Stans assets for bargain prices. I am glad that COO was not shy to give their list - it is a best tactic at this point.

CEO is right there surely making visits to those who on investors side, very comforting. My bet - Stans will win.