Here is my thoughts quickly on the SP.


Since November 22 we have only had 2 Days where our Volume was over 300,000 shares.


This proves that our drop is on pure No News Low Volume.


If anyone has Level 2 you will see there is nothing on the Asks all the way over a dollar. Now that can change when they make an announcement.


Bottom line is we have not had a News Release in almost 2 months. Should the next release be good off to the races. If it is bad then off to the tank. No one knows what will come next but for those that are on the buy could be in for a nice double even triple if what I think is coming down the pipe actually does.


I also know it's tough to write add at these low prices but that is what I am doing.


Keep in mind for our Canadian holders RRSP time ramps right up in Feb so you may see some increased buying in the next month as people put away more of their savings. Hopefully in Stans.


Good Luck to All.


(Even Erryl and his Soft bashing)