Note!!!  Beyond the political, he says it will take $300mil to get the site to full production.  That is the first time we have heard anything from Stans on a ballpark estimate to restore the mine.  That is a whole lot of money for a company with our market cap.  Certainly a lot less than Molycorp spent, though... and we have the high RE 's.  

Even though the political thing is dicey, I feel better hearing how we obtained the license.  There wasn't any corruption in buying the shares of the previous license holder on a stock exchange.  The renewal process is the farce that needs to end.  

Don't you imagine that this release of information was planned to ratchet up the heat on negotiations taking place right now?  I still don't see why so much of this has been kept quiet.  Were we afraid of offending the gov't and making them even more hostile toward us?  

One way to prevent this from being a cluster every year is to get a more powerful money partner... one they wouldn't want to offend.  Just a thought