The fact of the matter is the Kyrgyzstan have a cultural and historical  link with the Russians who also have deep pockets  and are willing to invest in Kyryg if the conditions are correct that being a free and open market , the US have an air base there ,  Stans have good relations with the Russians and I don't see any threat from them , STANS ENERGY  bought the rights to the mine in an open and honest way it is a legal binding 20  year license ,Centerra gold mine has also come under attack by some politicians but thir working practices have been  endorsed by the current government they provide most of the countries income  the prime minister complimented them on their work which they could never do alone  , Stans also has some big hitters on their board who are not going to let our mine be wrestled away from them ,they have huge stock options in Stans and have alot to gain by Stans coming good ,its a dog fight over there but we all knew that when investing  . GLTAL.