Stone, the reference to a hearing on the lease after the end of the year was not in the court announcement or Stan's release.  I remember seeing it in the Kryg geological commission announcement confirming that the 30 day stop work order had expired and was not extended (after the court ruling).  The  announcement had to be translated.  It said that the issue of Stan's license would be addressed again... and the time frame coincided with our management heading back there.  It is also a fact, I think, that this geological commission is supposed to be made up of  more friendly members.  The issue of the validity of our license has not been finally resolved, howvever.  There is no debate that we secured the license from a corrupt government, but THAT DOESN'T MEAN WE SHOULD LOSE OUR CLAIM TO THE MINE.  The corruption wasn't ours and we are making good effort to reopen the mine.  I tried to find the release, but I couldn't.  I know it existed, though... saw it and wondered at the time what it meant.  No, the company release about the court ruling was before the Geological Commission release that implied the issue was not dead.  I don't think our company management would all be over there if I am wrong.  We'll see... Stans promised to give us an update next month, right?

I don't think anything we say here has anything to do with the SP.