UCore says that they may start some work at the site late this year, at the earliest.  They apparently need at least 2 years to build the underground mine before taking commercial quantities of ore out of it.  That has production in 2016 at the earliest.  Can Stans beat that?  I think we are talking about a year to do a BFS and get financing.  It would probably take at least another year to design and build plant #2 and waste storage... another 6mos if we have to build a mill.  Stans could be in production by 2015.  It could be close, though, who gets into prduction first... if both companies are successful.  UCore will probably get some help with financing from DOD and Alaska.  Because of the technological advances that UCore is financing, the costs could be similar... UCore current estimate is $225mil.  We are really clueless how much Stans needs for funding... but there has been some estimates near $200mil.  Because of the poor transparency, I think Stans has more potential to expedite progress.  I think UCore is more likely to eventually be successful... mainly because of politics, but also the economics of the mine has been better documented.