that's old stuff: has nothing to do with stans !

The   PM Satybaldiev-comment is directed at the Mayor (Akim ) of the Kemin district, where both Kutessay II (Ak-tuz) and KRP (Orlovka) are located.  BUT  : This comment was made on September 25, 2012 at special parliamentary hearing where all stakeholders in the KG mining industry were invited to attend . The comment was not directed at stans , but at the mayor .

This strange news agency Tazabek instead wants to make us believe that a) the PM was warning Stans and b) that this warning has to do with the current investgations in KG.  both accusations are simply not correct - pure invention, nothing else

Tazabek - in opposite to other newsagencies - published within 2 days 4 releases "against " stans. A bit to much attention for such a small junior explorer ........Why ? there are only 2 possibilities:

Tazabek is simply  or a platform for our opponents  or tazabek has not the know- how  to check the information they get  from s.b.......publishing these false  informations unfiltered. 

Put them on ignore , as long as they didn't learn how to do this job