1/18/13-01-13, 14:13
The Prosecutor General's Office said details of the new criminal case on mine Kutessaj-2, filed against the former head of Gosgeologii w. Tashbaeva


Tazabek - General Prosecutor of Kyrgyzstan jointly with the anti-corruption Department of the State Committee for national security examined the legality of the mine Kutessaj-2 license agreement, reported the press service of the Ministry January 17, 2013.

on June 14, 2012, by the subsoil rights State Agency for Geology and mineral resources, chaired by Uckunbeka Tashbaeva decided to thrid time extension of a license agreement to use subsurface resources in the field of rare-earth metals Kutessaj-2, the holder of which was ' K.m. ".

"Although the terms of the original license agreements that have not been met. The audit also found that the minutes of the Commission meeting held on June 14, 2012 were forged. The issue of a license agreement with LLC "K.m." the Commission has not been addressed. Moreover, the licensing agreement does not stipulate a condition for payment of costs which is a mandatory historical costs under the current article 16 of the law on subsoil "CD", the statement said.

According to preliminary calculations of historical costs of the deposit Kutessaj-2 represent more than 179 million soms.

The Prosecutor General's Office on this fact, on January 16, 2013 officers Gosgeologii instituted a criminal case on grounds of offences specified in articles t. 304 (abuse) and art. 315 (forgery) of the criminal code.