The proof is in what you posted. Did you even read your own post?


"Rep. Badykeeva and the Committee, as is afforded to them under the law of the Kyrgyz Republic, are choosing to appeal the decision against the Committee and continue their personal crusade against the Company."


When a company inserts a line like this in their press release, you know it isn't just empty words.  And guess what?  Nobody is buying the stock right now. We are at $.41 after being at $.93 a few months back: over a 60% drop.  WHY?  Why did every one sell the stock when it rode up to $.93?


As I explained in numerous posts back when it happened, Byron King put out piece to his subscribers and Stans got good news on the court decision, and the momentum pumpers jumped out.  About a week later, ALL of the momentum pumpers were out and the stock was back in the $.50's again. Now we are 25% lower than that and darn near to the $.30's, barely hovering at $.41.


It's absolutely sickening stock action, while our competitors stock prices are doing well.