Wonder why David Lowe pulls the trigger on that issue.

  • 9 billion dollars of BEE is history. no interest I guess. The company never made it clear but 20 months after the scheduled release of the drilling results, we hear bananas.
  • PFS on hands for 12 months. A lot of peoples know what it says(The Russians, the insiders, the Khyrz... govt. peoples, the good committee, the bad committee, the VINHDT peoples...). Still no support... you sure want to know it?
  • trowing drilling results on a Friday afternoon is not a greats way to attract the attention.
  • I find difficult to know what kind of works have been done on site. It is probably much but the ''bulls'' on this board added to the confusion: According to them, There was 55 employees working in 2011. Not too long ago, I read ((on this board) that more than 90 persons were working on our site. Still, the company has more than 8 mill. in cash on hands.
  • CAPEX is known to the management and we, as shareholders, are posting projections from 100 mill. to 500 mill.
  • I wont come back on the insider's trading.
  • We've been told that offtake discussions were underway during one year with various third partys, including top 500 companies.
  • Same comment regarding the purchase of other deposits
  • Any developments regarding ''outsource''?

I am very happy to know that Stans is able to produce the metal. It is very, very important. For the rest, I am absolutely confused, anxious and disappointed.