I certainly can not predict the future but as previously mentioned from other posters I also expect a strong Jan-Feb for Stans.


The trading pattern seems to be pretty similar each year (also for other juniors), moreover at this time of the year there is usually a lot of coverage coming out which could boost the share price even without any news.


Of course I hope for some substantial news though. At least mgmt promised a JV or some kind of final deal for Q1 2013. I also expect updates from other fields (final metallurgical tests, further refurbishment, confirmation of the mining license after submitting the 2012 report, etc.)

Therefore I guess $0.90 is a not too optimistic target for the next 2 months. In the case of positive substantial news my target for Q1 is $1.60.

Here is the start of the coverage I am talking about. I copied out the part about Stans.


Stans Energy (TSXV:HRE) is a resource development company focused on developing HREE properties in the former Soviet Union. In December 2009, Stans acquired a 20-year mining license for the past-producing Kutessay II rare earth mine. Kutessay II is the only past-producing HREE mine in the world outside ofChina.

The mine produced the vast majority of the former Soviet Union’s REEs until 1991 and still benefits from good infrastructure and electrical power onsite from its past-producing days. The company also owns the related Kashka rare earth processing facility and rail terminal and has optioned the existing mill.

Why this stock is appealing: Although the project does not boast the highest-grade product on the market, it is an open-pit project, and with all the infrastructure already in place, Stans’ capital costs will be considerably less than those of its competitors.

One of the greatest attributes of this project is that the metallurgical aspects of the project had already been deciphered by the time Stans took over. Stans has completed a JORC-compliant mineral resource estimate as well as a supplementary REE distribution report that identifies the primary commercial components of the open-pit mine.

In terms of the security of its mining claims, along with permitting, the people with whom it works and metallurgical technology, Stans is a stronger company than it was when REE prices peaked in 2011. It also has a solid partnership with the Russian government — a significant coup with regard to advancing the project and an advantage that could come into play when it comes to looking for a large-scale customer further down the line.

The company’s shares took a significant knock this year and are currently priced at 44 cents — above Stans’ 52-week low of 28 cents and well below its one-year high of $1.59. Stans Energy has 157,263,986 shares outstanding and a market capitalization of $69.98 million.




Happy New Year, everybody! May this year be the year for Stans!