If anyone is upset about the stock price action of Stans Energy lately, see my post below one month ago, and you will see I predicted a black cloud over the company until this is resovled. Other mining sectors are running nicely into the new year, but not Stans Energy:



Did anyone else see this from the MD&A regarding the recent lawsuits?  Apparently, Mickey Fulp and Jack Lifton aren't the only ones with a personal agenda against Stans Energy:


As with any legal system, appeals are par for the course. With the standard 30-day period for appeals having expired, it is encouraging to see that the new administration of the State Geological Agency is charting a different course than that of the previous administration, by choosing not to appeal the decision of the InterDistrict Court. Rep. Badykeeva and the Committee, as is afforded to them under the law of the Kyrgyz Republic, are choosing to appeal the decision against the Committee and continue their personal crusade against the Company.
Apparently, there are two parties that could appeal the decision in favor of Stans Energy: (1) the State Geological Agency, and (2) the Jogoku Kenesh Committee headed by one Badykeeva. According to the sentence from the MD&A above, the SGA did not appeal, but the Committee did appeal and now  they are on a "personal crusade against the company."


In my opinion,  this is still a big black cloud over the company in the eyes of serious investors. Until this renegade crusade against Stans is over with, we can expect a depressed stock price, IMO.




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