When did I ever say anyone was an idiot?


The guys who bought in at $1.85 most of them know this is going to be big and that is why they don;t complain when this drops.


Most investment houses that bought in at the $1.85 have averaged down since then as they have the money to do so. When they bought in 2009 - 2010 they knew HRE or (RUU) would not produce until 2013 or 2014 so you think they are crying about the price? No they average down and wait for production.


Other people here bought with their hard earned money in hopes of this hitting $5 over night. Now that it has retreated they call HRE a POS.


As I said before look for the January rush back to a Dollar and by the looks of it we are off to a good start today.


Hotdog you are just a sour retail investor that likes to complain and that is what most people take you for.


Happy New Year people 2013 should be an interesting one.