To all the true longs of HRE,


I have not posted for a while as I have said that HRE will only see its true value in 2014 onwards and everything else is just noise (I bought in in 2010). Moreover, I have become tired in reading and rebutting the cr..ap and twartle that comes out from some of the posters here (like for Hotdog I have said in the past that I have come to accept him and sometimes even find him amusing).


About 10 months ago, when  everyone was shouting about the end of the global ecomony (US slowing to a double dip, China Crash and Hard Landing and Europe about to disintergrate) I said that it was all rubbish and just the media slant along with certain parties that were just moronic at best or manipulators as worst.


I predicted that at the end of this year you will see the US growing well (3.00 to 3.5%),  China soft landing and returning towards 8.00% growth average and Europe though not growing much will not fall into massive recession and will not disintergrate. I promised to revisit my predictions in 10 months (now).

And Lo..what do we have?.. China 'surprisingly' growing stronger again towards 8.00%, Europe not fallen over the clifff and yesterday....US ..growth 'surprisingly' accellerates to 3.1%.


What is happening to HRE SP now has nothing to do with HRE. It is this latest media rubbish of the FISCAL CLIFF in the US that  would take the world into a major reccesion again.

It's too long to explain here but I'm just going to state IMO that the fiscal cliff will not effect the real economy and the world will continue to grow fine. The stock market will gyrate for a while but then will get back to realization of the fundamentals eventually.


HRE's SP problem right now is caused by too many young punks with no substantial experience or real knowledge are controlling a lot of money. They along with manipluators are having this thesis :

The fiscal cliff will take the world into a recession and thus the demand for such commodities will be dropping drastically and thus the cause of the ENTIRE RESOURCE SECTOR SPs to be hit like this.


It will soon start becoming clear that this is not so and thus the reverse will start happening.

Hence, IMO HRE's SP should rise to $5.00 in 2014 and thereafter to $20.00 in 2016 onwards. The fundamental reasons for all this has been posted by me, Schmid, Kettl..and some of the genuine posters throughout the past 2 years.  Thus, if you need the fundamental reasons go into the archves and re read again.

In the mean time have a Blessed and Merry Chrsitmas to all and here's to a good year and years ahead of us.

God Bless,

Simon Bond