I don't know, twilikers.  They were locked in this life or death struggle all summer, and we never heard a word about it until the gov't issued a stop work order.  Couldn't really hide that!  I don't know if they are too busy to be bothered with us shareholders or just don't care.  I suppose they could be hiding bad news, but that could get them in legal trouble, I would think. I agree with you that a government agreement, despite their claims that one is not required, would remove a dark shadow,  It is inconceivable that no royalty payment and no tax is going to be charged.  If they are, what are they?  I most such endeavors in central asia, 1/3 to 1/2 of the profits go to the government. We only recently found out about milestone requirements in the mining lease.  You are right... this investment has been very curious.