Jamiro,, I do understand your frustration.. trust me I feel same here..

I sold some at 70 cent range.. I really thought we were going to break $1 back in October..

I hold more than 180000 share right now.. and I have to admit,, I am down about 50%.. I did buy and sell

and average down to little over 80 cent now.. but still down..

But really think we are oversold,, very surprised we are at 40cent..

Jamiro,, my advice to you is that buy at this low price and sell some of your shares if we go back up to 60-70 cent.

But you have to have some shares.. don't sell all of them..

I am not sure if we will ever go back to $3 range.. but I think we will go back over $1 and go higher..

December is usually bad month for Venture stock..but also good time to buy and sell them later..

I am saying take a advantage at low and sell them and take profit..

I still hold a lot of shares..I have been buying past couple of days..FMS and UCU is higher than us..

Does not make sense..we came down so much so fast..we could go back up fast too..

Take care... let's hope we have better year.. 2013