hotdog1, I would call my #1 and your #4 the same.  You merely provide the motivation for #1 with #4.  Anyway, do you have a link for the statement that an offtake agreement is not on the table?  There are just so many ways for a JR to get the money to startup a mine... loans aren't going to happen... I suppose that a buyout by deeper pockets is possible, but there is little evidence that existing management wants... an equity offering that big would wope current shareholders out with dilution.  I would think that the most likely sources of financing would be from Japanese or Russian sources.  Stans may not need a deal right now, but eventually the Kurz people and gov't will want to see evidence that the plant will startup soon.  Stans owns mining licenses where they have done little work.  The Kurz gov't wants to see these mines up and running and generating income for them asap.  These "leases" will eventually be statused as "use it or loose it."  You can whine all you want about it, but minerals and mining is the main resource for the country and it is in their interest to see it grow as rapidly as possible.  that is in our best interests, too.  The only thing Stans brings to the table is a caim that they can make it happen.