If you are so down in this play then why do you make it a point to be so negative.


I can see from time to time making a comment or two but all you do is post negative.


I just don''t get it but maybe that is why I am not at a loss of 75 % on this stock or any other stock as I would never let that happen. You need a strategy and you need to stick to it. I find too many longs here are so in love with this play that when it is up they feel it is going to $3.00 next month then when it comes back down they wonder why.....


If you are long on the stock then be long and don;t worry about the ups and downs. Set your goals to 2014 and go from there.


If you are trading the stock then trade the stock.


All of this is obvious but it is very hard for most retail investors to do. I guess that's why most people say this is gambling.