I am a foolish little man??? Are you not the same baggie that claimed he timed the stock right and got caught this time???

Yes this is an open message board and anyone can post that's for clarifying. If you read what I said then you would understand but I can see your frustration with this stock does not let you think clearly.

How am I like the rest of the pumpers if I am still here... (Pretty stupid Comment)

Hotdog is worried about his investment then he should have sold on one of the 3 peaks we have had in the last year instead of holding and complaining all year.

I have no problem with negative posts on this stock or any. What I do have a problem with is every single post from that poster is negative. If you are so down on a stock you own then maybe keep your comments to yourself or move on. Why bash the stock everyday if you own it?

This play has sucked? I thought you were the same guy that loved this play and you played the ups and downs? Or is that just what you say to make yourself feel bigger. It's not easy to predict the future but it is easy to comment on the past and that is what you do. Me on the other hand is calling for a nice run up on this stock in 2013 and I am putting my rep on the line. You say I am a nobody then take me up on my challenge. If the stock hits 85 cents by Mid Feb then you are your little man syndrome will be gone from this board forever.

And if you would like to make stupid comments about me riding a bike I would be more than happy to compare balance sheets with a loser like you. I myself do not need to put people down I just call them out when they are being stupid.