Hotdog: now I have to call you veggie again. You should review your posts, dated back one year again. Please don't mix up past present and future. Conditions 10 month ago were different, so was the outlook. 

Now, we know that Stans did improve the efficiency of its process, we know that they can produce metals, we know they refurbishing, the political risks are now almost off the table. HOWEVER,,,,,!!!!!!!some important things, essential for Stans future- those Infos have been delayed until present day. We all didnt know that Japan will have this terrible Fukoshima accident, the tensions between china and Japan- which resulting in a 30% drop of business between both. This things are like a spider web, pulling on one edge, everything starts moving. This you have to consider, before you questioning why I was so "stoned" about the near term SP take off.

  As you see, about PFS, refurbishment status, how they gonna set up the future production, we don't know more than 10 month ago. A that time, we all believed that we will see the PFS soon, even JV, take off agreement. This was not in my DD at that time. Hotdog, sometimes we all are excited, then writing posts , born in our belly. I didn't move out any penny from my Stans account since last year MARCH, yet I believe in Stans success! What I will do after PFS announcement, I can't tell because this announcement will trigger quite some reactions on this stock trade. Which direction, only STANS people knowing by now.