The last piece of the puzzle we need is the old mill property currently held by the government after they seized it from a private Chinese firm for taxes, I believe.  I think Stans will acquire it soon, one way or another.


The Venture is below 1200 again, as the Americans play another game of chicken with their national debt, so our SP doesn't surprise me.  The last Nationalization scare under the last Prime Minister's watch will probably haunt our SP for some time to come as well.


I am in no hurry having ridden my shares this long anyway.  I bought some more today and I will continue adding as long as the SP remains this cheap.  It may be mid 2013 before Stans convinces people this is the real deal with a PFS or BFS with some concrete numbers for the skeptics.  Now more than ever I think the Krygy's know they have to play ball with companies like Stans, so IMO the political risk is at an all time low.   The IMF yanked the Krygy's chain when they tried to mess with Centarri and I don't think they'll be prone to make those mistakes again.  


I still think a profit sharing agreement with the Krygy people in the order of @10% now would be a great way to remove the perceived risk of this development.  IMO, the surge in the SP would pay off the 10% instantly and get our SP to a reasonable level before more financing is contemplated.  Convertible debentures are still my choice for CAPEX financing, as they don't cause dilution initially.  Processing outsourced concentrates through Plant 3 would also, IMO greatly improve our SP.  Without them Plant 3 may sit idle for a year waiting for Plants 1 and 2 and the tailings ponds to be rebuilt.


It's definitely looking like I was wrong about the SP getting north of $1 or $2 this year.  I also think those remaining warrants will expire unexercised.  As I said, the Venture is in a sorry state with people posting they've never seen it so ridiculous.  I count us lucky with a survivor's SP and Stans still having millions from the last PP.  All we really need is a Fortune 500 company on board, but I think we're still months away from that.  I look for things to have substatially improved by June.