Clear statement from head of SGA

The head of State Agency for Geology and Mineral Resources clarifies:


Gosgeologoagentstvo: Cancellation of license Kutesay Mining illegally

04.12.12 19:23

State Agency for Geology and Mineral Resources can not revoke licenses issued Kutesay Mining mining company for mining of rare earth metals Kutessay-II and Kalesay. About it, "WB" today, December 4, the director Gosgeologoagentstva Ishimbay Chung, commenting on the statement of MP for cancellation of licenses.

According to him, currently the State Commission for Licensing conducts inspections of all licenses issued for the development of mineral deposits in Kyrgyzstan.

As a result of the commission's work will know which licenses must be suspended or revoked. Before that Gosgeologoagentstvo may not select permission for mining.

According to Chung, the license for the deposit of rare earth metals Kutessay Kalesay-II and are valid until 31 December 2012. By that time, the company Kutesay Mining LLC must file an application for license renewal. After that, the commission will examine this proposal, given the complaints of non-compliance with the agreement.

"The issue of cancellation of licenses should be addressed within the framework of the law, since only the state commission on licensing can decide whether a review is necessary permits for development", - said the director Gosgeologoagentstva.

Recall, at the session of the Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex and Subsoil deputy from the "Ar-" Nurzhan Badykeeva offered Kutesay Mining cancel licenses for mining Kutessay-II and Kalesay.


Deposit Kutessay II LLC develops and Kalesay Kutisay Mining. In turn Kutisay Mining owned Canadian company Stans Energy Corp.