You are probably right that the 2 phases do not define the open pit vs underground mining ratio.  I misread it to imply something that was not intended.  I imagine the underground mine is to reach some richer grade veins.  It would not seem likely that the bulk tonnage would ever be greater than the open pit mine. bSorry for any confusion I may have created.  It really is a good document.  Stans is progressing along much different tracks than a new mine would... where you get the studies and plans and THEN the actions.  It seems like Stans paperwork has trouble keeping up with the progress made.  That isn't bad, but it does leave a lot of confusion with investors. I wonder when they will need more money and how much?  It is gratifying seeing so much progress on the ground and now we see that a lot of that progress is the result of committments made under the license agreement.  These are details we didn't have before.  I don't see a big jump in share price until we have a deep pocket finance partner (that doesn't destroy shareholder value through dilution).  That will probably require a lot of that tardy paperwork to get them signed on.  JMHO