This document is really full of information / confirmation, and I like it !

According to the opinion there would be information about ratio of percentage open pit / underground mining, I can´t see any information about this issue IMO.


Document is saying:

By March 31, 2013 submit to the Licensor the following:

1. Draft of new technical and economic study of the deposit reserves mining conditions for the combined surface and underground mining:


a. 1st phase – surface mining for production capacity 300 thousand tons of ore per



b. 2nd phase – underground mining for the reserves remained for production capacity 1

million tons of ore per annum.


2. Mine design for the deposit combined development (surface and underground) for

overall annual production capacity 1 million tons of ore.


IMO this part of the document in first place refers to CAPACITY per annum. The other important word is “combined” development.


What I would read like this:
1st phase is open pit mining while having capacity of 300k tons of ore per year.
2nd phase is combined (surface and underground) mining while having more capacity.

Read it like this the ratio "open pit" / "underground" is unknown.