You nailed it!

but Stans always said the BFS will be finished by Q2 2013

I guess they first submit the draft to the Kyrgyz then to all shareholders which will be in Q2


The thing that is most outstanding IMO is the fact that Stans is committed to mine ore and probably produce within one year!!


Construction of IM-50 chemical agent production site October 2013

Reconstruction of tailings pond infrastructure October 2013

Construction of the 1st phase of camp for mine development October 2013


Ore mining - 20,000 th. tonnes - December 2013


This is for hotdog who is complaining about the Beryllium deposit all the time ;)

Kalesay. The resampling on the un-weathered sections collected in 2011 has been completed and has been sent
for further independent analysis. As of Q3 2012, this analysis is still ongoing.