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Licences Agreement #3 is in good standing with the State Agency for Geology and Subsoil use and a
report outlining progress in 2012 will be issued to the Agency for continuation of the field program for

As per the Licence Agreement #3, Stans Energy has committed to the following initiatives:

Main Development Stages and Types of Works Completion Date
Improvement of the 3 mine buildings and facilities December 2012
Reconstruction of head water intake facilities in Aktyuz Township May 2013
Reconstruction of the road connecting the open pit mine and Mill June 2013
Construction of IM-50 chemical agent production site October 2013
Reconstruction of tailings pond infrastructure October 2013
Construction of the 1st phase of camp for mine development October 2013
Opening of 1,800 meters of underground mine workings December 2014
Ore mining - 20,000 th. tonnes December 2013
Ore mining - 200,000 th. tonnes December 2014
$1-2 Million USD to be spent on Supplementary exploration of deep
horizons and flanks of the deposit
May 2012 — December


By March 31, 2013 submit to the Licensor the following:
1. Draft of new technical and economic study of the deposit reserves mining conditions for the
combined surface and underground mining:
a. 1st phase – surface mining for production capacity 300 thousand tons of ore per
b. 2nd phase – underground mining for the reserves remained for production capacity 1
million tons of ore per annum.
2. Mine design for the deposit combined development (surface and underground) for overall
annual production capacity 1 million tons of ore.
3. Experts’ opinions on the project, in particular:
a. Environmental safety
b. Technical safety
c. Conservation and use of mineral resources