I liked the 2 companies, because they are both sites of previously functioning mines (UCore was a Ur mine) with good infrastructure.   UCore is developing new state of the art technology to process its ore at lower capex cost. That carries both opportunity and risk (that it might not work as well as hoped).  Since I bought both, UURAF has performed better for me than Stans.  Both have been volatile, though.  I think UCore has done a better job of investor relations... and the share price reflects it.  Stans should be up and running sooner, but sometimes I wonder. It remains to be seen whether the US will supports a fledgling (non-Chinese) RE industry, like Japan is. Alaska seems willing... To me, it comes down to price uncertainty about RE's.  Somebody has to be willing to take the risk... and it is tough in free markets... are gov'ts willing to backstop these micro caps trying to bring mines online?  -- erryl