I do agree with you,, Devash..

We still need news from STANS and new government.

I am hoping today's SP is bottom.. bought more today..drilling news should come out any day now..

BK has been following this company for past 3 years.. I saw some of his picks went up so much..

RCM,, from 50 cent to over $3 in two months.. but our stock is so volatile go up 60-70% and come down

so fast too.    I read newsletter today that he did mentioned UCU,, I was waiting for him to say something

about our company..but didn't see any,, not yet..

It is December this week,, US markets are getting better.. I am hoping our SP bounce back to over$1 range

before 2012 .. past couple of days trading volume was very thin.. if good news come and buyers step in

we could see our SP shoot up 20 cents..

I am waiting..