There is again some change to the Kyrgyz Commission on regulation of subsoil.


IMO the important part with this change is the fact that now they are allowed to invite representatives of local administration to get a better view about the local situation. This IMO will or can help to make better and faster decisions about any license issue. 


11/12/28, 10:15

The Prime Minister approved the new Commission for Communications Regulation Gosgeologii subsoil (composition)

Tazabek - Kyrgyz Prime Minister Jantoro Satybaldiev approved a new commission on regulation of subsoil under the State Agency for Geology and Mineral Resources. This was November 27 press-service reports.

The Commission approved, in accordance with the Regulations on the licensing and regulation of subsoil use, approved by the government.

Chairman of the committee appointed director Gosgeologii Ishimbay Chung, his deputy - Emil Osmonbetov - deputy chairman of the commission.

Other members of the committee approved the following:

- Deputy Director of the State Agency of Environment and Forestry Abdimital Chyngojoev;

- Deputy Director of the State Inspectorate for Environmental and Technical Safety Taalaibek Akerov;

- Head of the Kyrgyz complex hydrogeological expedition Gosgeologii Kamchybek Musuraliev;

- Head of the Policy of Natural Resources, Ministry of Economy Diamond Alimbekov;

- Head of the Geology Gosgeologii Ruslan Suvankulov;

- Head of mineral resources and mining Gosgeologii Bazarbai Asanov;

- Head of Environmental Geoscience Agency Gulfiya Shabaeva;

- Head of the regulation of industrial safety Gosgeologii Kanatbek Ermatov;

- Head of the Information Resources Gosgeologii Ulanbek Ryskulov;

- Head of Legal Support Gosgeologii Aibek Asanov;

- Head of policy for subsoil natural resources management policy of the Ministry of Economy Adilet Akmataliyev;

- Chairman of the Supervisory Board at the Public Gosgeologii Orozbek Duisheev (by agreement);

- Executive Director of the International Business Council Aktilek Tungatarov (to be agreed).

To better reflect the views of local communities in addressing issues of registration, suspension or revocation of a license in a Commission may invite representatives of local administrations, based on the location of subsurface objects, defined the prime minister.

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