This stock will break out when the right data breaks out until this time  it will remain a Penny stock , people seem to forget where the mine is and only  back in September there was a conerted effort to wrestle the mine out of Stans hands, I think the current price is pretty good we could be down at Junk status after the summer we had , the new Government and what relationship it has with Stans is the deal maker here so far things look good , in a recent interview Robert Mackey stated that the new Government are eager to get foreign investment into the country and do not want to scare off investment in kyryg  , the courts have also proven this fact , I'm quite happy to wait this one out and give Stans the time and space to put things in motion , getting the mine back in operation takes time anyway the world economy is still shaky the US and Europe have massive debts to work off , I think we will be nicely placed in a few years for an uptake in the US and to a lesser extent Europe . Some people seem to want to make a quick buck on Stans well I'd say exit if your not willing to wait for the good times , GLTAL.