I am long the stock and have been for a long time... and I have done all the averaging down that I hope I have to do.  In my comments below, I am just trying to bring a little objectivity to the board.  I believe(d) in the fundamentals of the company or I wouldn't be an owner.  At the same time, I find it very odd that the company is so closed mouth in its communication to shareholders.  If it is to keep the SP up, it isn't working very well.  It seems like they have people working on site and they are making some noteworthy progress.  Would it be so hard to keep us abreast of what is going on?  if everything is wonderful with the new government, can we please stop hiding what is going on?  It is only good news that can help our SP.  I would hope we all want that.  I think it is wonderful that the new government is so much easier to work with.  Evidence of that would be some clarity on what the company will have to share with the government once the plant is up and running - what are the taxes, royalty payments, guarantees against confiscation, etc etc.  It takes more than nice talk or silence... what shareholders and markets hate almost as much as bad news is uncertainty.  In that video I referenced, did you see the earnesty in his eyes when he said that the company had gone through 6 months of hell with the old government?  At the same time as they were apparently trying to save the company, we on this board heard practically nothing of any substance about the situation.  During this period, you would have to say that the bears on this board were closer to being right than the bulls.  Now, what is different?  A new government, yes.  But what does that mean for us?  Can we now see some additional progress or improved transparency?  So much of what we hear is just reiteration of the original investment story.  Yes, we own a metals processing plant that is more advanced than any other outside China.  What's the plan for getting it running?  ... and does that plan have any credibility?  ... a feasibility study?  If the one we bought earlier is junk, then let's get a new one commissioned.