If I remember correctly, first, Stans did a study on what it would take to put the mine into production at the old rate (500 mt/year), usuing the historical technology.  They then elaborated on that study to increase the amount per year to 1500 mt, and now they're elaborating further to include the new design process.  They still need to optimize the mill flowsheet, and also see if VNIIHT can implement their selective REO extraction theory before any numbers can be finalized.

The company did not want to release the historical technology study in 2012 while their license was in jeopardy.  Now that It's in good standing, what would be the point of releasing the old study without including the new process for plants 1 and 2?  That would confuse new investors.  The numbers have surely changed significantly from that report.  Stans will only publish these numbers when they know they are solid.  They are working on it now, I'm sure, but there is much to complete - optimal mine design, construction of a new mill and milling process, tailings dam area, contruction of a new plant 1 and 2, tailings for that plant, and any additional improvements to plant 3.

Stans won't do back-of-the-napkin calcualtions for this.  The Russians will do the numbers acurately so that financiers can be comfortable.  Remember, the BFS is for the company who finances Stans more than it is for its shareholders.