IMO this opens up short-term options for Stans possibly.  Stans has a year's worth of ore mined and ready in stockpiles from Kuttesay II.  If they could do a deal with this new factory right next door in Kazakhstan they would quickly rid themselves of this lower grade ore and raise quick cash for the rebuilding of Kaska's Plant 1 and 2.  They also need to find out-sourced concentrates for Plant 3 to keep it busy until 1 and 2 are rebuilt.  Having the rail terminal is a real plus for this scenario.


I would practically give them the ore just for the publicity.  This way when Stans complete prodution facilities are ready, they could go straight to the Higher Grade HREE ore they've located with all the recent drilling.  I am not insulting their ore already mined, it's very economical IMO, it's just the recent drilling has uncovered ore with about 8% more HREE.


Lynas projecting start-up in December, this should get interesting IMO.