Apparently, it is the view of some that Stans should keep us in the dark so as to increase the likelihood of success in their activities.  If they are in sensative negotiations, I agree.  Where I get confused is, ARE WE OR ARE WE NOT IN SUCH NEGOTIATIONS?  It is my understanding now that we don't have to negotiate with the government - true?  If we are in negotiations with financing organizations, I would think they would want to see the finalized PFS and business case.  Keeping the PFS secret doesn't make sense.  I have heard that the PFS is secret, because 1) it needs to be improved and 2) it is so good that it will attract too much of the wrong kind of attention (government).  Which is it?  Not good enough or too good?  It can't be both, I wouldn't think.  I guess I missed the promise of a shareholder update of what they had been doing for that last 6 mos.  Thanks for bringing that to my attention.  Maybe that will be our Christmas present.  I hope so.  I was thinking about the recent announcement where they identified all the progress they had made in restoring the plant facility.  This seemed to only come out after the government claimed that we weren't doing enough to get the plant back into operation.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Why weren't... why aren't we being told about these activities before and during these activities, instead of after the fact?  It sure would be helpful to our SP.  Anyway, I sure hope you are right, because that is all I can do... hope.  Maybe the problem I discuss is that everything is happening so fast that it is hard for the company to keep us informed... so they don't try?  

Here is something that you more knowledgable investors can help me with.  How much of the company stock is in the hands of company insiders?  I am wondering how aligned their interests are with mine?  Were there any significant events associated with that recent Russian conference on rare earths and mining.

I agree that the new production is in companies that are mostly low rare earths (MCP and Lynas), but it is my understanding that the prices of HRE's have also sank a lot in the last year... so much so that the Chinese are only exporting a fraction of their quota and shutting down production (not just the illegal, polluting kind) to try to support higher prices.  With so much of the production and consumption of HRE's in China, it is hard to understand why prices would be so low as to cause these mine and smelter shutdowns (in China).  A real killer for JR mines would be lower prices.  That is what closed the Stans and Molycorp mines (not JR mines) originally.  At a minimum, we need RE prices to stabilize and stop declining.  Hopefully, this is just temporary as stockpiles are worked off.

It is human nature that these boards get friendly when SP is strong and back biting picks up when SP is weak.  I'm under water now, so... but let's try to keep it civil.  I wish they would ban short selling of micro and very small cap companies.  If you want to gamble, there are plenty of places to do it.  If you are short the stock, leave us poor "misguided" longs alone!

I am long Ucore and (unfortunately) MCP, too.