China is rapidly becoming one of the world’s most important growth markets
for desalination and water reuse. One reason is that China’s demand for water is
expected to grow 63% by 2030 according to the Asia Water Project. Another factor
is the country’s 12th Five-Year Plan, which established a goal of having 2.2-2.6 million m3/d of online desalination capacity by 2015, more than double the capacity over 2012 when the plan was set forth.With this demand comes great opportunity, and this is one of the reasons that we expect to see a new record for attendance at the 2013 World Congress
old release Feb 19th, 2013
..'Professional Water Technologies is also proud to announce that it received two major certifications in China. First, its SpectraGuard™ product has been approved for thermal desalination technologies, and more specifically for low temperature multi-effect distillation (MED). This approval has been issued by Zhonghe Seawater Desalination Engineering Co., Ltd., a cooperation of three giants China state-owned organizations and the Chinese scientific research institute. Additionally, the Ministry of Health in China has delivered a certificate for use of Titan ASD™ 200 SC, a concentrated, liquid reverse osmosis antiscalant, in plants producing drinking water. "We are very confident that these new certifications will increase our sales level of specialty chemicals, not only in China but also abroad where thermal desalination is used. This important milestone reinforces our strategy to target high-growth niche markets through our innovative and competitive chemicals", stated Frédéric Dugré, President & CEO of H2O Innovation