hey goody!!!!  the "F"n in this district have issues as well !!!!

they need to be dealt with eh!!!!  I think if you look you'll find

the unemployment rate in Prince Rupert to be 75% + for

those outside the loop !!!!  There is getting to be less and less

people that even know what to do with these out of control

situations !!!! They've been left alone to making decisions on

their own without supervision for way too long !!!! and now

we're all starting to look at the results !!!!  we really need to

shoulder most of the responsibility for this !!!!  ie.  giving out free

money to people and not asking them to be accountable

has never worked for any nation !!!! ever !!!! even today !!!!!

just reading from history, and using common sense, should

be enough to show you the outcome !!!!!