...just heard an interview with CBC and the

Serpent tribe "F"n division !!!! not much difference

there from the Attawapiskat tribe of "F"n division !!!!

Canadians just don't seem to get it !!!! their governement

has no opposition !!!! similar to a dictatorship !!!! which

is accountable to knowone !!!! not even their own !!!!

these "F"n have their "F"n lower status go back to our

government to get $55. a week to live on through our

social assistance !!!!! to cut to the chase" the CBC asked

a question:  so when I send my taxes to pay for supporting

your Serpent "F"n tribe it's your money anyway then !!!!

so basically the "chief" claims all the resourses of Canada

belong to them, so our earnings and taxes really belong to

them anyway !!!! Wow !!!! I'm soooooo glad that this is coming

to end !!!! finally Canadian People are standing up to these "F"______ !!!!!

ie.  deBeers, Prime Minister Harper !!!! who's next !!!! the

sooner this nonsense ends the better !!!!!  the hierarchy of

these "F"n pretend chiefs stuffing their pockets and their

chosen criminal accomplices is going to end !!!!! 

both Swamp Point mines would be in production today

IMHO if it wasn't for the indian tribe chiefs" criminal division !!!!

under Canadian's Law !!!!!